Design Studio IV C – School of Architecture Roma "La Sapienza"

I ♥ PdZ Corviale

We Don’t Need Another Here: A fictional world on top of Corviale

Numbers of characters embody vices of suburban human beings. On top of the 1 km long building of Corviale is shaped a (paradoxical ) self soustained microcity according the basic needs of those characters. There is mr Abusivo who steal rooms (when the family grows up!)  to the neghbour leaving house for the holidays. For him (and those like him) it has been imagined  a modular housing  system. There is mr SuperMan an ms WoderWoman producing in a fantastic pavillon the energy for the community in the effort to shape (and exhibit) their bodies. There is mr Tranquillo who always ends to die brutally. So a cemetery, also included, becomes an agricultural field where the bodies become the fertilizer… please click on the pictures to discover more!


Students: Addabbo Lucia, Albanese Matteo Pio, Arbau Josef, Castellani Perelli Ilaria, Alessi Simone Diego, Di Pinto Grazia


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