Design Studio IV C – School of Architecture Roma "La Sapienza"


2A+P speach today…

Maria Grazia Cutuli School in Herat by IAN+, MA0 and 2A+P/A

Matteo Costanzo presents 2a+p/a lastest projects


Mattia Darò guest of the class

Europan 8 - Acilia - 2005 (winning project)

Mattia did a great presentation today: very precise and strong. You can look at some slides reading ahead or jump to the Mattia’s website or blog

Barbara Del Brocco guest today

Barbara presents her research called IMPROVING SPACES included some consideration about the experience of ATER PASS competition she was involved in. You can download here the pdf of the presentation



Tspoon super guest!

Thanks to Nina and Alessandra for the amazing presentation!

Tspoon on the web

One Office – Two Projects: c.a.c.p

Today presentation by Carlo Prati of c.a.c.p. studio

One Office – Two Projects: demoarchitects

Very beautiful presentation by Giampiero Sanguigni (